Our Vision

Nader Enterprises aims to emerge as one of the premier investment holding companies in the Dominican Republic by building and managing a portfolio of sustainable and innovative investments, projects and operating companies driven by our entrepreneurial spirit and our passion for delivering excellent results through our commitment to our country´s growth and with the constant objective of generating value in all our endeavors.

Our Mission

Through our investments, projects and operating companies, we create a better Dominican Republic, fostering entrepreneurship, promoting our country and our talent and developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with all of our stakeholders. We manage our portfolio with a commitment to integrity, transparency, honesty, and fairness, and only engage in business activities with those that share our core values and operating philosophy.

Our Values

Innovation: we welcome change, and are constantly seeking to pioneer through our investment portfolio.

Leadership: through the conviction and passion of our professionals.

Integrity, honesty, respect, and trust: in every transaction and every business relationship.

Entrepreneurship: we value people with great ideas, determination, and who strive to make their ideas prosper until they can see tangible results.